It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Democracy can turn sour, and likely will continue to worsen around the globe. Canada, France, The United Kingdom and America are in for a wake up call. True democracy means everyone gets a say in EACH decision being made, and everyone has to participate. 

How Democracy actually works in the 21st century, is that the richest most corrupt person bribes their way to the top and serves only their own best interest to stay in power. The Leaders never consult the public on decisions/deals made, or laws passed. Food prices rise and Gasoline costs more for us each year, and we the people are told these things are not in the governments control. What can they do for us then?

They play into the hands of the Trilateral Commision and the United Nations Agenda. Normal citizens don’t participate in democracy by casting votes. They think they do. It is all an illusion though.

If you want to test your democracy locally, see how much you can do for yourself. If you have Police telling you, that you can’t cast votes in your own Locally run elections…. then there is an issue.

Joseph Stalin once said, its not who casts the vote who decides the winner. But who counts the ballots.

If you don’t personally witness the counts, with solid evidence, you truly are wasting your time casting the vote to begin with. Placing trust in other people to do your bidding is equal to Slavery.