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Mind Control and Neuro-Warfare

Google and Facebook are engaged in the manipulation of the brain and seek to control the thoughts of private citizens.

This type of attack can coerce people to act through direct mind control. Mental illnesses can be manufactured and spread like virus’s. And political leaders all over the World in theory would be susceptible to this type of weapon. This is already in use by Facebook and Google. The data they collect can assist them in predicting and controlling the population. They achieve this by manipulating the thoughts, dreams, and emotions of people.

By using this technology, they will interfere with the perception of reality.
It is possible for companies like Facebook and Google to influence society and control it.

Algorithims have been implemented as a tool for the Rich to predict and control events in Civilization.

The Deep State is The ‘Resistance’ Movement

The call for change has occured, and movements are beginning globally that will determine the success of our civilization as we know it. The right for self determination is a human right and guaranteed by ‘U.N’

The U.N is the Deep State, and they are the military, judiciary, and security forces which control the ‘Agenda.’ Any Military, judiciary  or security force is likely to interfere with human rights. Look at The Middle East, China, and North Korea.
What does the Deep State do? Resist change. Therefore, forces who ‘Resist’ Trump’ and encourage others to do so are involved with the Deep State, their Agenda, and are against human rights. We all know Soros funds this operative.

Trumps Ultimatum

When The Trump Administration pressured Foreign countries like Germany, France, China, India, Japan, and Russia into signing an agreement which asked them to choose between Iran and the United States, they all chose Iran.

Iran supports the Houthi rebels in Yemen.  North Korea provides weapons to Yemen.


If you research further you will discover Yemen is one of the countries on Trumps ‘travel ban list’. It also is one of the only places where Democracy exists in the Arab World.

If The Trump Administration goes to War with North Korea, the possibility is that North Korea will strike South Korea or Japan.


Does the United States believe they can restrain North Korea from further missile or nuclear tests. When North Korea is allies with Iran?



Yemen is a country people often forget. It is the size of France. It operates a Democratic system within the country. One of the few Arab nations who abolished an Islamic led government.

Yemen lacks resources, clean water, and faces Civil War. The Saleh Regime holds Power.

Wondering, Where is UN intervention here and why arent thousands applying for refugee status? Yemen isnt Iraq, and obviously not Syria. Yemen is on Trumps travel ban list. North Korea also sells weapons to Yemen.




“Climate change” caused by Nuclear Weapons

The greatest risk to the World populationis that the Elites are engineering the Apocolypse. 1% of their arsenal unloaded could star a nuclear winter.

The problem here is geo-engineering. Scientists do not ‘want’ the Earth to heat up. So preach global warming is a problem. Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, and Earthquakes are caused by the cycles of both the Sun and Moon. Which we cannot control.Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat. When the planet gets colder, agriculture suffers.

If you block the sun, 40% of the living population would be gone within a few decades. All plant and animal life.

The very rich multinational corporations engineered climate change to distract from the truth. One or two countries unloading a small amount of nuclear weapons could single handedly destroy 90% of all life. Not fossil fuels.


UPDATE Nov 5th: Yemeni rebels on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry.

August 24th: The Northern Yemen territory led by Saleh is showing huge opposition force today. Saudi led coalitions in the South have caused huge death tolls. An airstrike today killed 51. The U.N is unable to do much to solve this ongoing conflict




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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Democracy can turn sour, and likely will continue to worsen around the globe. Canada, France, The United Kingdom and America are in for a wake up call. True democracy means everyone gets a say in EACH decision being made, and everyone has to participate. 

How Democracy actually works in the 21st century, is that the richest most corrupt person bribes their way to the top and serves only their own best interest to stay in power. The Leaders never consult the public on decisions/deals made, or laws passed. Food prices rise and Gasoline costs more for us each year, and we the people are told these things are not in the governments control. What can they do for us then?

They play into the hands of the Trilateral Commision and the United Nations Agenda. Normal citizens don’t participate in democracy by casting votes. They think they do. It is all an illusion though.

If you want to test your democracy locally, see how much you can do for yourself. If you have Police telling you, that you can’t cast votes in your own Locally run elections…. then there is an issue.

Joseph Stalin once said, its not who casts the vote who decides the winner. But who counts the ballots.

If you don’t personally witness the counts, with solid evidence, you truly are wasting your time casting the vote to begin with. Placing trust in other people to do your bidding is equal to Slavery.

 Hyperloop in Slovakia

Tesla is planning a new factory in the Czech Republic. In addition to that Elon Musk says he is negotiating with Slovakia and plans to build the first European Hyperloop in Bratislava.

New technologies from Telsa such as Hybrid cars, Solar roofs, and The Hyperloop will help Eastern Europe advance.

Elon Musk is behind Space X, and has plans for Earth to colonize Mars.




North Korea Calls out Nikki Haley as being a “Hysteric”

On Sept 6 We reported that the escalated tensions would provoke Kim Jong Un to strike first. Nikki Haley is beating the war drum at the U.N security council. Bloomberg today reported Kim Jong Un has described her rhetoric as “Hysteria”.

If Nikki Haley doesn’t stop the nagging on the World Stage, she might give Kim Jong Un the motivation he needs to strike Guam.

Should Nikki Haley back off and drink some chamomile tea?

Extreme Weather or Nuclear Winter?

The State of World Affairs has been rocky for the last few decades. 

Climate Change is supposed to worry us all. Not everyone has a Science backround though, so we don’t all understand carbon cycles.

The Earth is mysterious and constantly changing. We have only explored 5% of the Ocean. Our nuclear arsenal would be able to end civilization as we know it, before we get to explore it.

We have Global Institutions run by an Elite few, who only bend the rules to benefit themselves. In the case of Climate change, fossil fuels are sold to us by the Elites. They then tax us for using the fossil fuels. 100% Scam.

If Ww3 happens, who has bunkers? The Elites. Who can withstand Nuclear winter? The Elite. It is exactly why Climate Change based on fossil fuel use is a complete lie, and rather, we should be more worried concerned over Nuclear weapons being deployed by the Elites on vulnerable populations.

Hurricane Irma. 

Sept 2: Hurricane Irma expected to reach category 3 or 4. 

Storm related problems will temporarily suspend normal activities in the Southern States for the next few weeks. 

The Tropical Storm season has been abnormal

Irma “Click to See”

Projected Storm Path. Black indicating precipitation off the charts.

Sept 5th. Strongest Atlantic Storm in 80 years

Hurricane Irma tripled in size over three days. MSM calling it a “Beast” and “Potentially catastrophic“.

 The national weather forecast couldn’t predict this simple outcome. Yet..the data all showed Irma going directly to Florida.

However, The MSM isnt’ interested in giving a proper warning for people. 

The spaghetti flow predictions were garbage. The Hurricane season in 2017 will be record-breaking.

“Space Wars” starring Jeff Bezos(Blue Origin) and Elon Musk (SpaceX)

Blue Origin is funded by Jeff Bezos. It is one of the highest investors involved in Space travel.

Elon Musk runs Space X, a Blue Origin competitor. This company has extensive government funding. Space X reports nearing bankruptcy almost yearly. It runs its employees hard, 90 hrs a week.

Blue Origin operates at a slower pace. It has its goals set on successive and continual growth. Bezo’s plans will be executed over the next 2 or 3 decades regarding Space travel.

Both companies will be powerful players in the Future, if they can master artificial intelligence. According to Putin, whoever does this will “Rule the World”


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