“Climate change” caused by Nuclear Weapons

The greatest risk to the World populationis that the Elites are engineering the Apocolypse. 1% of their arsenal unloaded could star a nuclear winter.

The problem here is geo-engineering. Scientists do not ‘want’ the Earth to heat up. So preach global warming is a problem. Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, and Earthquakes are caused by the cycles of both the Sun and Moon. Which we cannot control.Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat. When the planet gets colder, agriculture suffers.

If you block the sun, 40% of the living population would be gone within a few decades. All plant and animal life.

The very rich multinational corporations engineered climate change to distract from the truth. One or two countries unloading a small amount of nuclear weapons could single handedly destroy 90% of all life. Not fossil fuels.


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