North Korea the new Aztec Empire

  The North Korea situation is a lot like the expedition led by the Spanish.

  An Expedition led by Spain under the orders of a man named “Cortez” was responsible for the slaughter of an entire civilization. The Aztec Empire. 

 During Cortez entry to the Empire he discovered a war-chief Montezuma, was killed by his own people. The Aztecs were vicious and engaged in ceremonial cannabalism. 

Likewise, most people consider North Korea a barbaric state, and sanctions prevent it from trading with the rest of the World.

 The natives of Mexico were considered a Neolithic sub-civilization to the Europeans. They had only reached a paralell with the culture of pre-dynastic Egypt and Sumerians. As far as technology goes, they were thousands of years behind.

In contrast, North Korea has reverse engineered Russian military equipment, and is progressing its nuclear program to achieve more power.

North Korea has a leader secretly disliked by his own people.
“If it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,
In the Aztecs history there were dozens of peaceful civilizations which rose and collapsed, before the Aztecs evolved to be blood thirsty and uncivilized.

The uncivilized behavior is what contributed to its destruction when new alliances were made.
The cannibals were destroyed by “400 Europeans, 200 Indians, and 14 guns. “(Wells, 622)

 The alliance with rebels in the area is what helped Cortez advance over the mountains. After he descended into Mexico, Cortez killed off almost every Native person. He later became the first Governor of Mexico after renaming Tenochtitlan to Mexico City.


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