Extreme Weather or Nuclear Winter?

The State of World Affairs has been rocky for the last few decades. 

Climate Change is supposed to worry us all. Not everyone has a Science backround though, so we don’t all understand carbon cycles.

The Earth is mysterious and constantly changing. We have only explored 5% of the Ocean. Our nuclear arsenal would be able to end civilization as we know it, before we get to explore it.

We have Global Institutions run by an Elite few, who only bend the rules to benefit themselves. In the case of Climate change, fossil fuels are sold to us by the Elites. They then tax us for using the fossil fuels. 100% Scam.

If Ww3 happens, who has bunkers? The Elites. Who can withstand Nuclear winter? The Elite. It is exactly why Climate Change based on fossil fuel use is a complete lie, and rather, we should be more worried concerned over Nuclear weapons being deployed by the Elites on vulnerable populations.


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