Foods to Combat Enviromental Pollution

Green Tea, Jasmine, and Oolong tea can protect the immune system and can defend against disease.

Immune reactions to external pollution or enviromental substances can lead to cell and tissue injury. Nutritonal supplements or enhancing the diet with protien rich foods can assist the body in repair. 

In addition to this, excess of food leads to cell death. Over-eating also causes obesity and cancer. Therefore overnutrition is a problem. The composition of your diet can either contribute to or prevent disease. Drinking tea five times a day can help with weight loss and boost immunity, prevent obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

In addition a list of foods to add to the diet include: Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Whole Chicken, Celery, Corn, Oats, Olives,Orange Peel, Ginko Leaf, Mushrooms, Onion, Peas, Potatoes, Red Korean Ginseng, Spinach, and Turnips.

Soup is a great way to add vegetables, natural herbs and spices to your diet.

Stewing, Boiling, Braising, Steaming, and Frying are all acceptable methods of consuming nutritious foods.


Ginseng in Recipe


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