Discover the Secrets to Chinese Health Advantages. 

How do the Chinese maintain good health and skin? There are a plethora of natural ingredients the Chinese rely on. In China women drink Dong Quai tea. It is an expensive product, but very effective. Dong Quai increases circulation and helps improves your complexion. The benefits of using natural ingredients for beauty and health are limitless.

In Chinese culture it is common to use Cucumbers, Yam, HoneyPine Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Lychee, and Lotus Flowers for home made beauty products.

This can help produce increased elasticity of the skin, limit wrinkles, remove dark pigments from the face, and increase blood circulation in the skin.

You can stew the vegetables, add citron, or astragalus to your face mask.

Astragulus is an immunostimulant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and has stamina-increasing effects. It is an excellent supplement to be taking to boost immunity and revamp skin condition.



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